Memory Protection Puts Podcast on Ice

Maine—December 1, 2021—Josh McGrath & Matt Smith today announced that they will suspend production of the Memory Protection Podcast indefinitely. They said there is a small chance they will resume the podcast in the future, but that there are no plans to do so at this time.

“Memory Protection listeners love the Memory Protection Podcast, but most podcast listeners decided to listen to other podcasts instead,” said Matt Smith, Memory Protection’s vice president of Worldwide Podcast Marketing.

Memory Protection, at less than one fourth the length of most other tech podcasts, represented an entirely new class of podcast, delivering historical Apple news through a modern lens via a ninety-minute recording suspended in a stunning crystal-clear enclosure.

Josh and Matt entered the podcast market with episode 1 (WWDC 1999) and continued making the podcast monthly until episode 31 (iPod History). Memory Protection may be gone, but Josh and Matt are still committed to hanging out and talking about tech stuff, just not—you know—on a schedule or for an audience.

Thank you,
Josh McGrath & Matt Smith


Memory Protector Spin:

When Josh and Matt introduced Memory Protection, it was obvious they thought they had a winner on their hands. It was elegant, it was a fun twist on a tried-and-true formula (two guys complain about computers), and it promised a fanless design. We too think that fanless podcasts are very important, but they can be hard to keep running. Matt and Josh loved the podcast and considered it to be a major achievement for two people with limited recording experience, and even more limited attention spans—so killing the podcast after nearly three years must have been a tough decision for the duo. Shareholders should praise the move as it shows that Matt & Josh know when it's time to slim down the product matrix.

In all seriousness, whether you listened to one episode or thirty we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It's been a joy to record the show, to learn so much about a topic we love, and hopefully to teach you a few things you didn't know (or forgot). We are stopping the show now because it feels like the right time to do so and because, like the "press release" says, we'd like to just be friends without the need to make content. The show's feed and all current episodes will stay up, and we have no plans to take anything down right now. Thank you again, we really appreciate that you took the time to join us every month and we wish you the best.