October 2000: Chip History 3: GPBoo!

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What would October be without a spooky story? This month Josh & Matt weave a frightening tale of the history of Apple & nVidia. Thrill at the twists! Scream at the betrayals! Delight as Memory Protection's mascot Chip History makes a spooktastic return as we discuss Graphics Processing Boonits..... uh, Units.


Hot Cocoa

Apple & NVIDIA

Trouble nView September 2004: Nvidia can’t produce enough stable 6800s, causing a delay in Apple’s new 30” Cinema Display

Problem #1

From May 2007 - September Apple sold Macbook pros with some bad NVIDIA GPUs in them. Macbook Pro users started to experience video problems that were eventually linked to faulty NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT GPUs. Apple replaced the cards for free.

Problem #2

Driver problems: For reasons unknown, Apple wouldn’t allow NVIDIA to create video drivers for MacOS Mojave 10.14. Mojave was released without updated drivers - apparently no NVIDIA drivers exist for Apple computers newer than 2018.

Problem #3