Memory Protection Desktop Wallpapers

We created some desktop wallpapers as a tribute to the classic Mac OS wallpapers. If you love the show, and old Apple wallpaper design this might fill that very specific hole in your life.

August 2000: iMovie 2: Duel of the Fates

Memory Protection 017 |

What do you do with that shiny new G4 sitting silently on your desk? You make an iMovie thats what! Matt & Josh take iMovie 2 for a spin and see if it's still as easy as Apple claimed it would be 20 years later. We both make a couple of really excellent iMovies, Matt waxes poetic about Dreamweaver, and Josh gets aggressive with the fans after he lets his auteur status go to his head.

July 2000: Macworld 2000 with Stephen Hackett

Memory Protection 016 |

What time is it? That's right, it's MacWorld time! This month Josh & Matt are joined by Stephen Hackett ( & to discuss Steve Jobs' Macworld New York keynote where Apple announces the PowerMac G4 Cube. We continue to shake things up by streamlining Hot Cocoa and our Recommendations.

June 2000 Supplemental: Bungie's Oni

Memory Protection 015 |

We're back! We found the original audio from our previous episode for your listening pleasure. The world turns upside down as we discuss Microsoft's antitrust lawsuit, and Microsoft's purchase of Bungie, disappointing Mac fans the world over. In honor of Bungie's Mac roots, we review their last Mac game (before Halo's eventual release), Oni. Is this fast-paced anime beat-em-up any good? Listen and find out.

June 2000: Chip History 2: Son of Chip History

Memory Protection 014 |

This month we go back to the Mac... to the future. That's right, the time vortex has us again and we find ourselves in the distant future, the year 2005. We discuss Apple's chip transitions, the 2005 switch from PowerPC to Intel, and how that compares to the 2020 Intel to Apple Silicon announcement. We can't escape Star Wars: Episode One Racer, and oh, BTW, we're a MSFT podcast now...

May 2000: The Train Is Leaving the Station

Memory Protection 013 |

Welcome back to Memory Protection! This month we peek under the hood at WWDC 2000. What do we find? Well, after a couple of missteps where Matt & Josh both watch the wrong keynote... Not much. When we do find the right information, what's there isn't all that great. Buckle up Memory Protectors, Mac OS X is going to be delayed(ish) and Apple snuck a QuickTime CD into your breakfast cereal.

April 2000: You've Got To Have It.

Memory Protection 012 |

Welcome back to Memory Protection! This month we wise up, buy some old macs and finally talk definitively about what we have, for the last year been talking about only speculatively. We unearth more iMac ripoffs, talk about Microsoft more than normal and get our fingers stinky as we try out Mac OS 9 for the first time in almost 20 years.

March 2000: QuickTime's Quick-Crimes

Memory Protection 011 |

Memory Protectors Unite! This month we look forward?! Josh & Matt don't have a shiny new keynote to watch so they get excited about web browser release notes instead. They talk over Apple's future releases and how their product matrix starts to extend into software as well as hardware - Why Apple's (current) software strategy favors consumers over pros, and Steve's iMovie dream finally comes true.

February 2000: Chip History

Memory Protection 010 |

Welcome back Memory Protectors! This month sees Apple jetting off to Tokyo for Macworld 2000 where Phil tries Sushi for the first time. There isn't much to report other than a few product announcements. We discuss Apple's big bear codenames for OS X, Josh's deep, deep knowledge of wine & apple varieties, we announce our contest winner from last month, and we dive into Apple's diverse choices when it comes to processor architechture with a new segment we like to call: Chip History.

January 2000: Steve's Turtlenectar

Memory Protection 009 |

Welcome back to Memory Protection! This month we're left speechless as Steve Jobs teaches us all about his brand-new 'lickable' Aqua interface for Mac OS X. Phil Schiller becomes more powerful than we could have ever imagined, Ron Burgess is spent & Steve gets to keep his job.

If you're into great audio quality, get ready because Matt got a new mic. and everything sounds 💯.

December 1999: Welcome to the Willennium

Memory Protection 008 |

Welcome back to Memory Protection! This month we depart from our Apple focus to discuss the crisis that was Y2K. What is it? What does it mean? How did we prevent it, how much did it cost and what were its effects on society? Has the success of Y2K made us complacent in the face of larger more catastrophic global issues?

November 1999: Phenomenal Adoption

Memory Protection 007 |

Welcome back to Memory Protection! This month we get lost in Apple's web of mergers and acquisitions as we close on the miWillenium. We get to a point where we don't know how to end the show, similar to the point in these show notes, I just don't know how to stop...

October 1999: Amaz!ng Features

Memory Protection 006 |

Welcome back to Memory Protection! This month we get a little goofy for the spooky season. Apple is firing on all cylinders in October 1999 as Steve introduces the iMac/DV/SE, the exceptional iMovie Introduction, Phil's pacificst run of Quake 3. Matt discovers that his recycling bin is haunted & Josh spins a cautionary tale of motion sickness while playing Star Wars Episode I: Racer (...with his mom).

September 1999: Steve & Jony: A Fast & Furious Film

Memory Protection 005 |

Welcome back to Memory Protection! September '99 was a slow month for Apple news, so Josh & Matt decided to tackle a subject that they have been thinking about since May. They talk Macintosh, the iMac & the iPad. 3 variations on a theme, 3 attempts to redefine what computers are and who they are made for.

This is a fun episode, specs have been known.

August 1999: What’s Better Than Three G’s?

Memory Protection 004 |

Welcome back to Memory Protection! We thought it couldn't happen again, and yet yes, it’s happened again! This month Josh & Matt watch another keynote...This time we leave the boring bits by the wayside and dig into what the people really want to hear about: that hot new MacOS 9 Voiceprint feature. Just kidding, we know you want all the details on Apple's new PowerMac G4 and Cinema Display and boy have we got the details, in addition to opinions and a weird energy. Josh was sleepy for this one!

July 1999: Pepsi Skullman

Memory Protection 003 |

Welcome back to Memory Protection! This month Josh & Matt experience a strange sense of déjà vu as we take a trip to Apple's Macworld Keynote. We talk about destiny, the completion of the product matrix Steve created when he reclaimed his brushed metal throne, a future that never came to pass where Sherlock and Quicktime were the way you interfaced with the internet. Oh, and the time vortex...

June 1999: Fun Once

Memory Protection 002 |

Welcome to the 2nd episode of Memory Protection, where Josh and Matt get serious about the show notes.

This week we discuss: Beige boxes, the iMacification of everything, Apple’s penchant for designing divisive user interfaces and whether or not Steve Jobs is prepping the company for a big sale.

May 1999: WWDC and the MacMan

Memory Protection 001 |

In this first episode of the podcast we look back to May 1999, with a focus on WWDC. Things are looking good for Apple after a rough decade and a very phlegmy Steve shows us his vision for the company. For your consideration: open the podcast doors Hal, awkward game demos never go out of style, keyboard & mouse here to stay, and MacMan.